What’s up in 2017?

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Welcome to Back Cove Yachts’ 2017 blog series! As our monthly newsletter subscribers will know, we’re not stinting on the resolutions this year! (If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter you can follow this link to sign up.) In keeping with our many goals we wanted to provide our readers with some fun facts about what’s up at Back Cove Yachts in 2017.

-Jamie LB Governale

Features from the ‘Line’ in 2017:

What's up in 2017?

Downeast 37 – We’re kicking off 2017 with a run of Back Cove Downeast 37s. Keep an eye out during the upcoming boating season and you may catch sight of this iconic Back Cove yacht in a harbor near you!

Want more information on the Back Cove Downeast 37?

What's up in 2017?

Back Cove 32 – Out newest model will continue to take the world by storm this year. And we do mean ‘the world’ in the literal sense, as the Back Cove 32 will make her way to Australia for the first time in 2017.

Request more information about the new Back Cove 32.

**Please Note – these models were selected as features, they do NOT represent the full lineup of Back Cove Yachts scheduled for production in 2017.


Out and About with the Back Cove Family:

What's up in 2017? Back Cove is proud of our close-knit community here in midcoast Maine, and we’re especially proud of our young men and women. In 2017 we plan to continue our involvement with local educational programs including the JMG organization, a nonprofit that offers education and support to young adults as they transfer through high school and on to undergraduate studies and/or successful career pathways.
What's up in 2017? We also have a full lineup of community events this coming year, including the Rockland Main Street Summer Solstice Festival, and the Maine Lobster Festival Parade! – Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


Celebrating our Craftspeople:

Followers of this blog will know that last year we introduced our ‘Work-iversary’ series, where we interview craftspeople reaching anniversary milestones with Back Cove. This year is a special year for this project, and here’s why:

  1. We will celebrate twelve ‘Work-iversaries’ in 2017.
  2. Those milestones will range from five years to twenty-five years, representing a twenty-year spread.
  3. The average tenure of craftspeople celebrating anniversaries this year is eleven-and-a-half years.
  4. Finally, these associates represent a combined total of one hundred and thirty-five years of boatbuilding experience at Back Cove Yachts.

If that doesn’t blow you away, you need to re-read the list! We couldn’t be more proud of our associates, they are the heart and soul of Back Cove Yachts, and we’re so excited to celebrate with them.

What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017?
What's up in 2017?
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