The Newly Redesigned Back Cove 372

Introducing the updated Back Cove 372

Rendering of the Back Cove 372 from the transom looking forward. Displays the cockpit arrangement with l-shaped corner seats, an aft-facing seat against the pilothouse, with the door (left - to port) and bi-fold window (right - to starboard) both open. Past the open door and window is shown a portion of the main salon and the helm.

The Back Cove 372 will feature an aft-facing cockpit seat with a folding armrest, a new bi-fold door & window system, a redesigned helm pod, and a black windshield liner, among other innovations.

The Back Cove 37 was launched in 2009 and has enjoyed an eleven-plus-year uninterrupted run resulting in more than 200 hulls. Often the life of a model is dictated by the longevity of the parts and tools used to make her, but the unprecedented popularity of the Back Cove 37 has already seen her through one rebuild of essential molds and tools. Now, the Back Cove Design Team will incorporate customer feedback and advancing technology to put a new spin on this Back Cove classic, resulting in the newly redesigned Back Cove 372.

“In 2007, the Back Cove Design Team embarked on a project which would ultimately be introduced 14 months later as the Back Cove 37. Over time, the BC37 became one of our most beloved models – a point illustrated by the 12-year uninterrupted production run during which the design remained largely unchanged from those original 2007 concepts. For years, we have enjoyed hearing from our 37 Owners about the boat’s legendarily friendly ride and hull characteristics and listened intently to every suggestion for improvement. In 2020, the production molds used to build the 37’s composite parts finally surrendered to boatbuilding wear and tear and needed to be taken off line for rehabilitation. We took this opportunity to reexamine the 37 with all of that owner feedback and our recent design advancements in mind. The Back Cove team gathered together to apply all of our “pent up” good ideas and recognized that the resulting boat really deserved its own designation – enter the 372. The Back Cove 372 is full of fresh details that are tailored to today’s cruising and boating lifestyles, yet it retains the classic character and heart of a proven winner.”

– Kevin Burns, VP of Product Development & Design

Building upon the most popular elements of the Back Cove 37, the Back Cove 372 will feature:

Rendering of the Back Cove 372 accommodations layout, the boat is oriented with its bow to the right and transom to the left. From left-to right, the image displays the cockpit with opposing and corner seating, the salon (inside the pilothouse)  with L-shaped settee to starboard (bottom of image) and loveseat to port (toward the top of the image). Forward of the salon is displayed the helm with dual captains chairs (port) and half-up galley (starboard). Forward of this, companionway stairs lead to the lower level, which depicts the guest cabin (starbaord) head unit (port) and master cabin (forward).

The redesigned Back Cove 372 will preserve the elegant and nautically-sensible layout of the ultra-popular Back Cove 37.

Electrical Systems

A more efficient 24V DC electrical system with less copper weight will increase run time on the bow and optional stern thrusters by slowing the rate at which components might overheat. This upgrade also allows Back Cove to offer a Volvo D8 engine option, which is not available for a 12V control system.

Standard and Optional Power

The updated 372 will feature the Cummins QSC 8.3 600hp diesel engine with a 7” display as standard and a Volvo Penta D8 diesel with a 7” Garmin display as an option. This adjustment is the direct result of owner preference, with more than 95% of Back Cove 37 owners opting for a larger-than-standard engine since 2009.

Bow Thruster

A SidePower SE 100 bow thruster offers greater control and precision than the original SE 80 series. Her stern-thruster will remain the same but will benefit significantly from the 24V upgrade. Additionally, the new 24V DC electrical system provides a longer run time and reduces the speed at which thrusters will overheat. As a result, owners facing difficult docking situations due to wind, current, or crowding, will experience a tangible difference in maneuverability.

Glare Reduction & Redesigned Helm Pod

Borrowing from the successful Back Cove 39O feature, the Back Cove Design Team has incorporated a black windshield liner and upholstered helm pod to reduce glare. Her redesigned helm pod takes further advantage of this anti-glare feature while providing more space for navigation electronics and offering a new storage drawer for necessary items. The helm of the 372 features an entirely new layout, increased wheel height, and incorporates a high-pressure laminate for stain-resistance and durability, among other improvements.

Computer rendering of the Back Cove 372. Image depicts the salon arrangement as viewed from the pilothouse door, and showcases the television swinging down from the ceiling panel where it is stored.

A wooden-framed Smart TV and Fusion stereo system enhance the entertainment systems onboard while leaving her much-loved layout unchanged.

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Frameless Glazed Windows

Back Cove has largely eliminated traditional aluminum window frames on the 372. Fixed glazed windows in the pilothouse will enhance sightlines and replace the sliding windows. The windshield will incorporate a framed center window with opening appliances for smoother and easier operation.


The Back Cove 372 will introduce a wooden-framed 32” Smart TV in the salon for enhanced visibility and convenience. She will also feature an upgraded Fusion Apollo stereo system.

Cockpit and Salon Door

The focal point of the Back Cove 372’s new cockpit design is a fixed aft-facing seat with folding armrest outboard complete with drink holder. This feature fulfills a frequently noted desire among Back Cove 37 owners while increasing seating in the well-proportioned cockpit. A new salon door to port with a bi-fold window to starboard (above the aft-facing seat) adjoins the two social spaces without sacrificing seating or sightlines. The result is an upgraded variation on Back Cove’s iconic and versatile blending of interior and exterior for optimal enjoyment in all weather conditions.

Reconfigured Head

A reconfigured head in the Back Cove 372 results in an expanded medicine cabinet, a sizeable over-sink mirror, and a redesigned shower stall. A solid-surface has been added to the shower seat (eliminating the in-seat access hatch), while a storage cubby has been added on the shower stall’s outboard facing wall. Pictured below, the new arrangement optimizes this essential space’s comfort and function and is sure to enhance the experience of owners and guests spending time aboard.

A computer rendering of the Back Cove 372 head unit, as laid out from the door. To the right of the image is the sink (cut off by the edge of the door frame), left of the sink and in the center of the image is the toilet (lower) with a section of the large over-sink mirror shown above. To the left-hand side of the image is a glass shower door with towel rack, and stall shower with a bench are shown through the door.

The Back Cove 372’s reconfigured head features an expanded medicine cabinet, large over-sink mirror, a redesigned show stall, and more.

Optional EPS Steering

The EPS Steering option on the new Back Cove 372 will replace the Power-Assist option found on the Back Cove 37. The captain will quickly appreciate the increased precision and control at the helm, as well as the color display showing rudder position, programmable/proportional lock to lock turns, and wheel resistance proportional to vessel speed.

Optional MakeFast Shade

This newly available, deployable cockpit shade enhances coverage of outdoor living spaces from the salon door to the swim platform. The built-in tension system and lightweight carbon fiber poles make both set up and storage a breeze.

Optional Teak Cockpit Tables

Optional triangular tables of unfinished teak (for maximum durability) transform the cockpit into the perfect spot for morning coffee or an afternoon snack beneath the cockpit awning.

Smaller (but equally significant) updates include:

• Redesigned footrests at the helm
• Aft-hinging helm storage hatch
• Stainless weldment for anchor roller in place of the traditional bowsprit
• Upgraded induction cooktop in the galley

Computer rendering of the exterior profile of the Back Cove 372 - image shows a boat with a navy-blue hull pointing toward the right side of the image. The topsides are white with silver railings and deck hardware. The background is computer-rendered water.

The newly redesigned Back Cove 372 maintains the same beloved amenities and Downeast charm as the classic Back Cove 37.

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Back Cove 372 Update – April 2021

Last month’s announcement of the new Back Cove 372 caused quite a stir, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about her overwhelmingly positive reception. This update will answer two of our most-asked questions from the last month – read on for more details!

Fixed-Glazed Window Operation

After announcing the updates to the Back Cove 372 (above) there was some concern around the switch to fixed-glazed windows. We are pleased to assure you that these pilothouse windows *do* open. In fact, the vertical latch alignment makes operation smooth and easy. The pilothouse window is bonded directly to the pilothouse (just like a car windshield) and the opening section is inside the perimeter of the glass.

Note: We created this demo video onboard the Back Cove 39O, however, the Back Cove 372 will use the same windows.

Deployable Cockpit Shade (Option)

The optional deployable cockpit shade (made by Makefast) is one of the most exciting additions to the list of Back Cove 372 options. Many readers will have seen this shade onboard the Back Cove 39O, and now our Design Team has released renderings of the shade as it will be arranged on board the Back Cove 372!

Computer rendering of the cockpit of the Back Cove 372, shown from an aft-quarter angle. The image depicts the cockpit with opposing seating it the lower half, with a shade stretching from the aft (back) end of the hardtop (roof) and extending to the swim platform where it is held up with two narrow carbon-fiber poles.  The cloth shade blocks the sun in the outdoor cockpit space.

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Back Cove 372 Update – May 2021

The new Back Cove 372 is underway!

Production has begun on the prototype hull of the newly redesigned Back Cove 372, and we can’t wait for the finished result. We are pleased to announce that the first hull has been successfully pulled from the mold (stay tuned for regular production updates as the build progresses). Long-time readers will be very familiar with the process depicted below, but we’ll run down the steps for our new readers!

Image depicts a man dressed in a white suit (like a hazmat suit) connected to tubes and wearing a respirator. The man is standing inside a hull mold an spraying white gelcoat on the orange mold.

First, the hull mold is prepared (cleaned and waxed) to ensure a smooth and easy release. The more the mold is used and worn the more difficult it becomes to release a part, which is why the Back Cove 37/372 hull mold was re-tooled (a new mold made with the exact same geometry as the original) several years ago. When the mold is prepped and ready, the fun part begins. During the “layup” stage the dry components of the hull are stacked one atop the other from the outside in, meaning the first thing to go into the mold is the gelcoat.

Photograph depicts an top-down view of a hull mold coated in white gelcoat. The gelcoat is slightly pearlescent, and the lights overhead a reflected in the finish.

Following the gelcoat is a layer of “chop” – short strands of fiberglass that both protect the gelcoat during the layup process and help to ensure a fair finish on the completed hull. Next, sheets of fiberglass are laid into the mold so the weave of each layer runs perpendicular to the weave of the layer before, ensuring optimal strength throughout the hull. These layers are temporarily tacked into place with adhesive spray to prevent any shifting or movement.

Photo of a man (center) installing long foam beams in the bottom of a hull. He is using wooden templates to ensure accurate spacing.

Back Cove Yachts also dry-installs our hull stringers, a practice that is not always possible for other manufacturers (including our sister company, Sabre Yachts) due to the size and/or weight of their hulls. By infusing the stringers with the rest of the hull, Back Cove creates astoundingly strong hulls that are also remarkably light.

With all the dry materials in place, the layup stage is complete and it’s time for infusion!

Photo shows a completed white boat hull as it is being lifted from the mold (orange) by two overhead winches. In the image, the hull is suspended several feet above the mold.

The hull is carefully bagged and an air-tight seal is created around the entire part. A vacuum is used to create a negative pressure system within the mold which draws resin through the part using a complex series of tubing and valves. This process ensures that the resin is evenly distributed preventing dry spots and over-saturation. After the vacuum process, the Lamination department carefully monitors the temperature to ensure it cures perfectly.

Finally, it’s time for the big reveal! When the hull is fully cured the Back Cove production team uses a series of chains and winches to lift the completed hull from the mold, revealing a beautifully fair surface and pristine gelcoat.

Photo - two workers (one to the left and one to the right) handle chains and switches to lower a white boat hull into a grey holder or rest (called a cradle) that sits on a grey cement floor.

The finished hull is lowered into a cradle and transported to the next phase of the production process! We hope you’ll continue to follow along with us, as there’s truly nothing quite like watching a prototype hull make the transition from idea to finished product. Our team of craftspeople is second to none, and they give every ounce of their enthusiasm and skill to their work, whether they’re building the first hull of a brand new model, or wrapping up the 1000th Back Cove.

Photograph - depicts a white boat hull resting on a cradle in profile. The background shows a jumble of tools and construction materials.

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Back Cove 372 Update – July 2021

Production continues on the redesigned Back Cove 372 – Her Volvo D8 600 MHP engine was installed earlier this month, but that’s not all! We are thrilled to announce that the Back Cove 372 officially has a deck!

It has been a challenging road for our production team, and words cannot express our gratitude and respect for each and every one of them. They have approached material and manpower shortages with the same unflappable (and characteristically Downeast) attitude as they might when considering snow in the winter. Through “thick and thin” they’ve continued to apply their considerable skills and done so with a smile on their faces, proving once again that they are the heart and soul of the entire Back Cove operation. 

We are quickly approaching one of the most exciting milestones for any new model – the Splash and Engineering Trials. Stay tuned on the Back Cove Newsletter for all the latest updates, and details on how you can see her for yourself at the upcoming United States Powerboat Show!

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The Back Cove 372 is expected to splash late this summer and make her boat show debut at the United States Powerboat Show (Annapolis, Maryland) in October 2021.


Back Cove 372 Update – September 2021

The first Back Cove 372 is almost complete, and we are beginning preparations for her Engineering and Sea Trials! Take a look below for a sneak peek at the nearly-finished details, and stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we publish her official performance data!

The new aft-facing seat with folding armrest

Close-up of the folding armrest (upright)

Black windshield liner and fixed-glazed windows

The head now features a large mirror with a beautiful wooden frame

The owner-favorite half-up galley

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The Back Cove 372 is expected to splash late this summer and make her boat show debut at the United States Powerboat Show (Annapolis, Maryland) in October 2021.

The Newly Redesigned Back Cove 372
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