New Mercury V10 Verados & the Back Cove 34O

There is a certain standard we hold ourselves to as Maine boatbuilders, and we have an expectation of quality and performance that must be met by every single component of every Back Cove that goes out the doors and into the hands of our owners… When our partners expect the same out of their own products, it leads to some very exciting opportunities to give owners an even better experience on the water! 

One of those opportunities has come in the form of the newly released engine option from our friends at Mercury Marine – The Mercury 5.7L V10 Verado outboards –  which continue the legendary Verado engine familyʼs legacy of providing premium marine performance. With the strength of the outboard segment’s first V10 naturally aspirated powerhead, they deliver extraordinary power and capabilities so you can confidently explore beyond the horizon. Take command of the water with innovative SmartCraft® technologies and advanced digital controls that make boating effortless. Exceptionally smooth, quiet, and refined, Verado outboards transform your boating experience.

And the best part is that these engines are now available on the Back Cove line of outboards, the award-winning 34O and 39O!

When Mercury Marine announced the outboard segment’s first V10 naturally aspirated powerhead, there was a ton of buzz around the idea of putting them on our own line of outboards. Last week, our team had the chance to sea trial the newest Back Cove 34O equipped with twin Mercury 5.7L V10 400hp Verados. The design and engineering crew headed out alongside the team of boatbuilders to ensure that everything met our standards, and the results were telling… let’s just say there is a lot of excitement around what they saw!

Some of the highlights of the Mercury V10 Verados include:

Effortless Operation
Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls deliver smooth, quiet shifting and instant throttle response with zero hesitation. You can further enhance handling and performance with available Electric Steering for multi-engine boats.
Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet
The rugged, refined Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate vibration. Industry-leading technologies minimize noise, vibration, and harshness and ensure the V10 Verado outboards deliver an unsurpassed boating experience that delights the senses without overpowering them. At idle, cruise, and wide-open throttle, they’re quieter than all other outboards in their class.
Adaptive Speed Control
The Adaptive Speed Control feature lets you maintain engine rpm despite changes in load or conditions. Climbing large swells is easier. Cruising at low speeds is smoother. Carving out tight turns is effortless.

Precision Gearcase
At high speeds, the hydrodynamic gearcase slips effortlessly through the water, maximizing efficiency and enhancing stability. At low speeds, its large-diameter Revolution X™ prop powerfully grips the water, giving you confident, authoritative handling around the docks while providing instant hole shots when it’s time to move.
Advanced Sound Control
Choose the sound that moves you with the industry-exclusive Advanced Sound Control feature. It lets you toggle between a whisper-quiet exhaust tone or a throatier growl at startup and idle for those times you truly want to hear the horsepower.

Lightweight & Efficient
Calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, with efficiency-enhancing features such as a closed-loop fuel system and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) that help extend your range. A durable aluminum engine block and weight-saving cowl materials further enhance performance by minimizing weight on the transom.

Thrilling Speed & Acceleration
V10 Verado outboards shift your expectations of what high-horsepower performance feels like. They come to life with impressively responsive power, propelling you to sensational top speeds.

and now with fully-electric power steering!

Electric Advantage
With no hydraulics, you get more space in the utility compartment of your boat and a cleaner transom installation. Electric Steering also minimizes noise and distraction – a meaningful benefit for Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) applications when the engines actively hold the boat in position or maneuver the vessel.

Power Savings
An efficient design consumes less than half the electrical power as electro-hydraulic steering, leaving more power for running your favorite onboard accessories.

And the best part is, you’re fully covered. Right down to the controls and gauges. When your builder or dealer uses genuine Mercury gauges and controls when installing a new engine(s) on your boat, the warranty coverage for those rigging components matches the total warranty of your engine.

The Mercury 5.7L V10 Verado outboards are offered on the Back Cove 34O and the Back Cove 39O

Learn more about the V10’s at

New Mercury V10 Verados & the Back Cove 34O
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