Brandon Taps Cancer Out

The Back Cove Family is a special, diverse, and varied group – including owners, associates, crafts-people, and the friends and ambassadors of the Back Cove brand. Like all families, we take great pride in the triumphs and accomplishments of our family members – and we share them with everyone we can.


Designer Kevin Burns presents Brandon with his certificate

Brandon, a member of the Back Cove Yachts production team, is no exception. Recently completing an intra-company internship with our Design and Engineering departments, Brandon showed a distinct aptitude for 3D drafting and rendering. He was presented with a certificate of achievement, along with the thanks and congratulations of the Design and Engineering departments, at Back Cove’s late summer quarterly meeting (depicted above).


Tap Cancer Out BJJ Tournament


Fourth-Annual Massachusetts Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open

But that’s certainly not all! Brandon has been busy outside of Back Cove as well, winning second place in the fourth annual Massachusetts Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open martial arts tournament. Brandon trains at Flow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in Camden, and has participated in the Tap Cancer Out tournament  for the last several years. As a cancer survivor himself, the tournament, and especially this year’s win, are particularly important to Brandon. 


Brandon in training at Flow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Brandon and his fellow members of the Back Cove team

True to his character, Brandon doesn’t make a secret of his status as a cancer survivor. His openness makes him a source of inspiration and hope for others, especially in conjunction with his achievements, both within Back Cove and without. In that light, the Tap Cancer Out organization is a perfect fit. Tap Cancer Out is a jiu-jitsu based nonprofit raising awareness and funds for cancer research organizations on behalf of the grappling community. They organize many tournaments across the country, and this year’s Massachusetts Open attracted 350 grapplers and raised more than $85,000. 


Back Cove President, Jason Constantine, congratulates Brandon

We’re thrilled to congratulate Brandon in particular, and all the competitors in general, on their hard work and dedication. Our thanks and congratulations to the Tap Cancer Out organization as well, for their continued efforts on behalf of cancer research – Back Cove Yachts is proud to support such a great cause.

Brandon Taps Cancer Out
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