We’re Going Back To School, Sort Of.

Hi All,

As those of you who have visited our factory will know, ‘good enough’ is never good enough for the Back Cove Team. In typical Downeast fashion, we recognize that there’s always room to be even better, and that’s where our latest project comes in. We’re starting a program of informational sessions designed to promote a comprehensive understanding of our design and production process among our craftspeople and associates. 

These information sessions are open to all Back Cove team members, and our first few have covered Hardware Types and Usage, and Composite Cores and Bonding. In each session and a member of our team will present a topic in which they are the expert, sharing not only their knowledge but also the whys and wherefores. For those attending, the sessions provide an inside look at our larger design and manufacturing systems, allowing everyone to work together more efficiently and with greater understanding.

We’ll keep you in the loop regarding topics, questions, and items of interest!


Jamie LB Governale

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We're Going Back To School, Sort Of.
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