Lessons in Infusion – the Maine Wind Blade Challenge

Each year, teams of Maine high school students compete to design and create energy producing wind blades in the Maine Wind Blade Challenge. The challenge is hosted by UMaine each year as a part of the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Back Cove Yachts is proud to join educators and our fellow manufacturers in making this possible for Maine students. 

Through a hands-on process that includes design, engineering, and manufacturing components, students create a set of wind blades that will go on to be tested in a day long challenge against other teams across the state. Back Cove Yachts aids local high school students in the manufacturing phase. Specifically, facilitating the resin infusion process. Beyond making it possible for local students to participate in the challenge, the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise is especially valuable.

When the manufacturing process is completed, the student teams will test their designs to determine which blades produce the most energy in 3 minutes or less. In addition, each team is required to present and explain their design, outlining their decision-making process and research. 

Lessons in Infusion - the Maine Wind Blade Challenge
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