Chinook: Photojournal, Part 2

The second part of this photojournal, beautifully compiled by Back Cove 37 owners Klaus and Elizabeth, follows their adventures in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, to Lake Erie and Vermilion, Ohio. The Back Cove 37 is ideal for waterways like the Great Lakes Loop, but you don’t have to listen to me, take it from the man himself:

I’ve said it before, and Elizabeth agrees, the Back Cove 37 handles extremely well on the canals and locks along the Loop. It’s the perfect size. With its fixed 13 ft air draft, and an easily fold-able (or partially fold-able) 8 ft VHF antenna (we left the 18 ft air draft Antenna up) we easily navigate any canal in the Loop. 

We have the optional stern thruster, and the Side Power Proportional Control, (aka the “Back Cove Easy Docking System”) and I would strongly recommend both options. I use low power settings for maneuvers in the locks all the time. In the Erie Canal we had a lot of debris, and once had a brief noise and no-go from the bow thruster. Fortunately, it was easily cleared with a brief opposite ‘thrust all’ at low power. 

 If feasible, and I believe it would be, I might suggest adding two more deck cleats on each side – just aft of the boarding steps and just above the port and starboard pair of beverage holders at the cockpit seating. The cable and line spacing in locks would make the additional cleats extremely useful. 

 Warm regards,

 Capt. K. F. Loehr


Thursday, July 9, 2015: Back Cove 37 Chinook

Hi All,

Yesterday we traveled from Port Severn, the NW end of the Trent-Severn Waterway, to nearby Midland. Today we traveled on to Penetanguishene, putting us at the south end of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron 

Image F

A Huron Chief in Penetanguishene

We plan to follow the eastern side of the Bay along a small craft route through the Thirty Thousand Islands, towards Killarney. 

This morning, the General Manager of Bayport gave us an hour and a half long chart briefing on the best and the worst – the spots to see, and the ones to avoid. 

All our love and best,

K & E


Monday, July 13, 2015: Georgian Bay

Hi guys,

From Penetanguishene we motored a short hop over to Beausoleil Island, Georgian Bay National Park. Three days at the same dock. We enjoyed the beaches, cold showers, and trails (which were mostly very nice, unless they went through the woods, where the mosquito swarms are voracious – the evenings require closing up, or having screens).

Image 24

Typical Georgian Bay Glaciated Granite Slabs

Image 25

Docked here for three days with congenial neighbors and a smoky fire pit (to keep the mosquitoes at bay)

Today we made a thirty mile run up the coast to Frying Pan Island, and Henry’s Fish restaurant. Walleye was the specialty. Tomorrow and Wednesday we have stormy weather forecast so it will be a nearby anchorage in a small cove.



Monday, July 20, 2015: Our Anniversary

Hi All,

 16 July, our anniversary and we found Killbear Marina at Killbear Provincial Park and Parry Sound. Known for local Walleye (called Pickerel here) and some German food.

Image 26

Just for Back Cove 37 CHINOOK

Image 27

Pan Fried Pickerel and Rindsrouladen (Beef Roulades)

The next day was a stinker! Rainy and very windy. We stayed put while all the day boats came in to escape the blow.

All our best.

Elizabeth and Klaus


Monday, July 20. 2015: Killarney, Ontario, Canada

Hi All,

Today, 20 July, we were at the northern most part of Georgian Bay where it meets the North Channel at Killarney. We ran through Collins Inlet, a narrow deeply glaciated inside channel. Lots of pink granite and wind blown pines:

Image 28 Image 29 Image 31 Image 32

And finally Killarney Light one mile from town.

Image 30

Killarney Light

Elizabeth and Klaus

Back Cove 37



Sunday, August 9, 2015: Back Cove 37 CHINOOK in Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair

Hello All,

The last eight days we navigated through Lake Huron, the St. Clair River and into Lake St. Clair, Michigan.

We narrowly avoided the serious threat of damage from a T-storm and line squall in Rogers City. A very large tent became airborne, flinging debris and tent poles into the marina.

Klaus Img 6

Wayne, of Rogers City Marina, with a split tent pole fished out of marina waters

Klaus Img 8

Fresnel lens in the Old Lighthouse at Presque Isle

Image 7

Strange red light in Alpena Harbor

Image 9

Chinook visiting Grosse Pointe Yacht Club in Lake St. Clair


Klaus and Elizabeth


Monday, August 17, 2015: Back Cove 37 Chinook on Lake Erie

This was our weather radar picture this morning as we were running from Sandusky to Vermilion, Ohio. You can see our purple route and boat location.

Klaus Img 33 Klaus Img 34 Klaus Img 35

Thankfully, this one never got bad.


Elizabeth and Klaus

Chinook: Photojournal, Part 2
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