34O Production Update

Production is underway on the first Back Cove 34O…

… and this is one build you don’t want to miss! Catch up on the latest news here, and join the 34O email list for exclusive info and updates

Hull 001 Construction

34O Transom Details

Bustles to port and starboard integrate the shapes of the outboards – preserving the Downeast aesthetic by blending her lines with the shape of the outboards

The swim platform remains spacious, and will become more so once swim steps are added around the “engine well.”

A centerline hatch will cover all rigging for the outboard motors, providing a clear and secure walking surface as well as convenient access.

34O Storage Details

The 34O will feature incredible storage, accessed by a large hatch in the helm deck sole.

The jaw-dropping all-purpose area amounts to 38 square feet of clear space. (If that doesn’t sound like much, believe us, it is).

Hull 001 will feature an optional workbench to starboard, leaving ample remaining space for bikes, stand-up paddleboards, and more!

34O Production Update
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9 Responses to 34O Production Update

  1. Nick Hayes says:

    I love the intention of this yacht.. I will probably be buying one to use for or property on Gay Island over in Cushing… owever one question for you guys to look at… Have you given any thought to possibly offering Cox 300 Outboards? I’m really intrigued by th diesel aspect of them outboards are the way to go for my next boat and there is something about the prospect of them… Let me know what you think.

    • Jamie Bloomquist says:

      Nick, we continue to look at the best outboard options for Back Cove and will evaluate the Cox 300 diesel outboard along with other new power options as they become available. Thank you for your interest in the Back Cove 34O.

  2. mike patterson says:

    Please send me updates on the 340.

  3. Gordon Coulter says:

    Can a Aseakeeper and generator babe added?

  4. Gordon Coulter says:

    Can a Seakeeper and generator be added? Freeform Lift?

  5. Brian Thomson says:

    I am hoping for a positive response to Gordon’s question regarding the possibility of a Seakeeper option. I suspect there is ample room for one given the outboard power.

  6. mike says:

    Love the idea of outboards on a quality cruiser of this size.
    One question: do you have examples of dinghy mounts/davits with o/b’s in place?

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