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Why we went with a Back Cove 37




Although some of the items we mentioned here can be found on many boats, the Back Cove 37 is both pretty and stylish which appeals to us, the workmanship is very high quality and the interior is configured as if Back Cove could read our minds!

We owned a 29′ power boat with no generator. After eight years of boating, we started thinking what we would want on our next boat, so we came up with our ‘next boat’ wish list. We loved the looks of the ‘down east’ style boats and decided our next boat would be that. We received an email from our local dealer of a 2010 37′ Back Cove that was going to be on the market. We knew the previous owner who was meticulous when it came to boat maintenance so as expected the boat was in excellent condition. The Back Cove 37 had everything on our wish list and then some!

We just love the classy style of the Back Cove and how she sits in the water. For us it was a must to have a full walk around deck. The width of the Back Cove walk around is extra wide providing great footing. A hard top and no clear vinyl enclosure were big items to us. The glass doors give us a better sense of security and eliminates the clear vinyl enclosure  hassles. Upsizing from a 29′ to 37′ added enough living and storage space making long trips so much more pleasurable. How nice to have a door for the master berth! The location of the galley was another big item. Lorry cooks a lot on the boat and wants to be part of what is happening. She loves the visibility having windows all around while making meals. And I love eating a meal on a table that is not sloped! Having a nice glass shower stall next to the head is a wonderful thing! Our throttles on our 29′ boat were hard for Lorry, she had to use both hands, where the Back Cove throttle is smooth as butter. Having both a bow and stern thruster certainly makes docking easy. Its nice of course to have the new technology for electronics.  Although we were very new to diesel engine, its nice to have room to move about in the engine compartment, and the cabin is so quiet while underway, Lorry and I can actually have a pleasant conversation without having to shout over the sound of the engine and wind. We’re finding our single engine to be very reliable, and fuel efficient. Our Back Cove has a davit system for the dingy which has proven to be extremely handy and easy to use. We love having satellite TV, especially in the bedroom for Lorry.

Having a generator gives us the freedom to anchor out as opposed to requiring a slip with shore power. We are new to anchoring and plan to spend the 2014 season learning about anchorages along Long Island Sound such as Port Jeff, & Sag Harbor to start.

Lorry & March Young

Family Ties II

Cromwell, CT 


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Weights & Centers Calculation for the Back Cove 41

One of the many challenges in designing and building a yacht like the new Back Cove 41 is predicting the ultimate weight of the finished boat and building the boat to that weight. This is a critical part of the design process because we need to know that the boat will sit on her lines and we need to know how she will perform. At Back Cove Yachts, we accomplish this task by designing the laminate schedules and predicting the weight of each major component and by recording the actual weight of each item as it goes into the vessel during the first build. Each component is recorded and “placed” into the hull in a computer simulation to ensure that the weight distribution allows the boat to sit properly on her lines. 

This is called the “Weights & Center Calculation”. This calculation ensures that the yacht will perform to its potential. Once the boat is launched we can measure actual displacement by measuring the design the design offsets against measurement taken of the hull in the water. Our engineers are good. We typically predict displacement weights with 1 or 2%





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24 Volt System

The Back Cove 41 is outfitted with a 24 volt electrical system, a feature more commonly found on larger vessels. A 24 volt system offers a number of benefits including reduction in the required wire size by as much as three sizes. Not only does this reduce wire weight in the boat, but the installation process is simplified as wires are more easily run throughout the boat. To the boat owner a 24 volt electrical system reduces the breaker sizes by half and improves the efficiency of the systems. 

For electronics that require 12 volt DC power, a 24V to 12V converter has been installed. The Back Cove 41 features a 12V charging stations for personal devices and has a dedicated 12V breaker for installation of navigational electronics. 

24 V System

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50 Amp Cord Reel

The Back Cove is outfitted with 50 amp shorepower system. The 50 foot long shore power cord will be handled by a Glendinning Cablemaster cord reel. The cable is manually pulled from the reel to the desired length and retracts under power at the push of a button. 


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Back Cove 41 Mates Seat

Many questions have arisen about the aft facing mates seat. To fully understand the rationale for having the seat in this orientation one has to understand what is going on below the seat. We designed the new Back Cove 41 with the guest cabin directly underneath this seat and the head room for this cabin is the space directly below the seat. In the photograph below one can see how much head room exists in the guest cabin. This aft facing seat also adds seating to the social environment of the main salon. Important to note in this discussion is that there are two Stidd helm chairs on the Back Cove 41 so in typically running state the mate will be seated alongside the helmsman to assist with navigational duties. 


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