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Back Cove 37 in Charleston, South Carolina

In early 2014 my wife, Susie, suggested we do something new (crazy,) as we were getting older and maybe needed something else in our lives. I said “Do you mean maybe a second home?” she said, “No, how about a bigger boat?” Wow, I had better check my hearing. A friend of mine said I had better get to the boat dealer before she changed her mind. I really didn’t think she liked boating. 

I’ve had small boats up to 28′ and Susie hadn’t gone out with me in the last 10 years.  I then realized she liked climate controlled boating. Enter Coastal Carolina Yacht Sales in Charleston, SC. I called our dealer, who I bought my other boat from, and asked about a used Back Cove 29. I knew nothing about Back Cove except they were climate controlled. The boat was sold so he suggested we come out and just look at some other boats. I think he meant ‘let’s look at yachts.’ Susie and I went over one afternoon and looked at everything from 30′ to 48′ and decided on the Back Cove 34. 

We traveled to the factory in Maine and watched how they were made. We ordered the 34 and I proceeded to get docking lessons from our dealer on a Back Cove 30 (which he promptly sold.) I then went to the 34 for lessons and he sold that boat also. I then went to the 37 for lessons on a used 37. After, I wanted Susie to look at the 37 and maybe we should consider the larger boat as opposed to finding out next year we should have gone larger the first time. So we switched gears and cancelled the 34 to order a 37. It was delivered in late November 2014, at which point we spent the next several months learning the boat (aka the Yacht)!

We named her Pied-a-terre, which seemed appropriate since she was our second home. The 37 is fabulous, everything we thought it would be and more. We just finished our first trip and traveled north to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina and had a great weekend. It was a great way to get our “feet wet!”

We are still learning but are more comfortable in its operation. The thrusters even make me look good at docking the boat!

Susie & Drew

Charleston, South Carolina 




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A Back Cove 41 in San Diego

I found myself boat less after 25 years. It was my birthday in August 2009 and I took the plunge to sign the waiting list for a slip in my home port of Dana Point, California. The decision of what size to look for was made easy, very easy. The manager of the city run marina said ‘if you want a slip within 18 months- get something less than 30ft.!” waiting for a 40 foot slip was and is over 8 years. 

30 feet-that sound familiar? In Southern California the prime destination is Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island. During peak season, it is a zoo as every mooring can has a boat- sometime two- and it is first come, first served- no reservations- no anchoring. It is also 30 miles off shore and sometimes with rough seas so you want to stay once your have made the crossing. The front row of mooring cans always always have space but, your boat must be less than 30 feet. They checked your state registration to verify length!

The hunt started. Who makes a fun, safe usable and nice looking under 30 foot boat? Lots of turning pages in the boat magazines. Several months later I was lucky to find myself in Vancouver, British Columbia for a week at the Winter Olympics. Wednesday afternoon was open as we had no event tickets. What a beautiful city! We spend the time just walking around downtown and checked out several marinas.

There she was- a beautiful Back Cove- first one I had ever seen! At first look it satisfied all the requirements and she was for sale! We visited the broker’s office to ask for the details. What a let down, she was a 34 Back Cove and just too large. I mentioned we were in the market for a sub 30 footer. He said Back Cove just stopped production of a vary similar boat 29 feet long and the last new one was located in San Diego. San Diego? I traveled 1500 miles north in the middle of winter to hear the boat of our dreams is located 60 sunny miles south of home? I couldn’t wait to get back to check out the 29.

She was just perfect for what we needed and with her single diesel power- easy to use and maintain. After our purchase, we installed extra water tankage, an Espar heater and a bait tank. We were ready for some winter fishing off the Southern California coast!

Four years later with lots of great boating trips and memories I find myself faced with-RETIREMENT? More time to goof off and in need of a larger boat to have more fun times with friends and family. We want two staterooms and two heads would be nice but not mandatory. For extended cruising up and down the coast, an onboard washer/dryer sure would be nice. But what size? 

Again an easy answer. We would enjoy the marina parks found up and down the west coast. To maximize usage, some of the best locations provide (only) mooring cans which limits use to boats of under 45 feet. Who makes a nice looking and performing boat meeting our requirements and with a single diesel?

After several boat shows and going on board many models the closest match was the Back Cove 37. We know the Back Cove product- great handling, easy to keep and seaworthy build quality. Nice looking too!

We visited our local dealer in San Diego- again! We were shown what I thought would work, a Back Cove 37.  We were so hopeful it would be perfect (no boat EVER IS !) but after checking her out, it just wasn’t going to satisfy all our needs. The dealer, sensing our feelings said:  ” Back Cove has just announced a new Back Cove 41 model that meets all your requirements AND has a dutch door for easy one person docking- I may have some information back at the office”.

After reviewing a few pictures on his computer screen, that was all we needed to see. The deal was struck and the Back Cove 41 is ours! We can’t wait for the delivery after the San Diego Boat show in January 2015. We want to introduce the new Back Cove 41 to some Tuna and Marlin we would like to know better int he waters off San Diego and Mexico this spring.



Roger & Rhonda



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My First “Real” Job at Back Cove Yachts

Having grown up in Midcoast Maine for the entirety of my life I have come to understand the importance of the ocean on the lives of everyone in this community and beyond. One of the most important aspects of my life that has been granted by the presence of the ocean is the need for boats to be built, and likewise, people to build them.

My father has worked with boats for most of his life, and due to this I had become aware of Back Cove Yachts at an early age. I was brought to the annual Maine Boats, & Harbors Show many times in my adolescence, where I got to actually see the yachts that my father had helped build with my own eyes. The summer preceding my Junior year of high school and this last summer of 2014 I have had the opportunity to work at Back Cove Yachts.

Going into what I considered to be my first “real” job I was excited to learn how the yachts I had seen at the boat show came to be from the amalgamation of fiberglass, wires, and many other components that I saw my first day at the boat shop. Needless to say, after two summers I knew a lot more about the yachts that Back Cove produced, and likewise, I was much more excited for this years Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Show. This year I knew I could bring my family or friends and literally show them parts of the boat that I had taken part in construction on similar models back at the shop. I liked being able to show people what I was a part of creating, and I took pride in what I had learned.

Another aspect of working at Back Cove Yachts that I enjoyed was that fact that many of the people I worked with were genuinely interested in my life outside of work. In general, I was much younger than most of my co-workers, and as a result of this I often had earnest conversations with those around me about high school and, due to the fact that I am going into my senior year, my plans for education after high school. Hearing my co-workers insights and having their support has given me increased confidence going into my senior year, and I’m happy to say that I look forward to the future, but even so, I will remember my experience at my first “real” job at Back Cove Yachts.



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A Back Cove 30 in Western Australia



Our owners Jason & Mandi recently shared about their experience as recent Back Cove 30 owners in Western Australia. 

” Geographe Bay in the South West corner of Western Australia is home to our beautiful 30 foot Back Cove, Storm. Since the arrival of Storm in September 2013 we have thoroughly enjoyed life aboard her, spending every possible opportunity out on the bay, fishing, swimming and entertaining family and friends.

One of the main reasons for choosing the Back Cove 30 is the fact that you can escape any weather conditions in the protection of the magnificent wheelhouse. Whether it’s blistering cold and or brutally hot, we are able to escape the elements, whilst having a complete 360 degree visual around us.

Everyone that comes aboard and views Storm always comments on how pretty a boat she is and also the quality of construction. I must add the end product really blew us away. Just for the record Storm in her relative short life has been known to have landed some awesome, quality fish, much to the owners thrill.”

Proud Owners

Jason & Mandi 


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A New Back Cove 34 in the Chesapeake

Joe and Margie spent many hours cruising boat shows looking for the perfect boat. They looked at many different brands. They were looking for a elegant boat that they could enjoy on day trips and overnight trips around the Chesapeake. Joe had recently seen an ad in the used boat section of his local paper for a Back Cove 29. They had seen a Back Cove at a show and liked the layout, the classic Downeast lines and the blue hull. They contacted their local dealer to see the Back Cove 29 in Annapolis. Joe & Margie ended up buying the Back Cove 29 and were very excited to have made the purchase.  They have 7 children and 11 grandchildren who enjoyed cruising on their Back Cove 29 over the next several boating seasons. Soon they came to realize that it was time to upgrade to a larger boat. They wanted the capability to have more people aboard and do more long range cruising. They spent the next several boat shows getting aboard larger Back Cove’s. They loved their Back Cove 29, the looks the ride and the economy of a single engine. Which made them finally decide on the Back Cove 34. They loved the island berth and the full head. It met all their cruising needs.  They sold their Back Cove 29 in April and that gave them time to focus on purchasing their Back Cove 34.  Joe and Margie have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Back Cove 34. They visited Back Cove Yachts in Rockland and saw their Back Cove 34 prior to decking which only heightened the anticipation. Their Back Cove 34 will be arriving in Oxford, Maryland in early July. In addition to cruising the Chesapeake on weekends with their children, grandchildren and their friends, they have plans to head south, possibly to Florida. They would like to eventually head back to Maine and maybe attempt The Loop. 

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